Tuesday, April 1, 2008


It has been three months and time for an update to many of you who wonder how Jon is doing. Well, I guess no news is good news and so it goes here. We are fighting the battle, not much different from last December. Here's Jon with beautiful, curly hair seen with his brother Douglas last February.

We deal with issues every day so it's hard to see improvement, but when we compare energy level, appetite and other signs to December, there has been some improvement. Hard to imagine liver cancer can see improvement but we think there is some. Jon has a good appetite but will not gain any weight holding at about 147. Maybe because the food is so low in calories being soups, smoothies, whole grains, fruit and vegetables.

He had another saliva test in March which showed our first physical evidence that his body is better, stronger, and responding to the supplements and diet for fighting cancer. The saliva test is not usually conducted through traditional medicine because labs are set up for blood tests. Because of the hundreds of tests run through a lab every day there are certain tests they run in a nutshell. Jon had the saliva test conducted at a special lab in Washington testing all kinds of things in his body, such as toxins, fungus, parasites, metals, virus (including all kinds of cancer) and bacteria. There were marked improvements, decreasing more than half in most areas, since the last saliva test in December.

One of Jon's part-time helpers left in January so he is actively working the pool business again. Next week will start the summer schedule and we pray every day for the energy and strength he needs to work. We celebrate 8 months since diagnosis and he is feeling better than he did in August. He takes no pain medication whatsoever although he experiences daily discomfort in the liver, tender to touch. By the end of the day it is more pronounced.

God has granted the time and health to attend our son David's graduation from BYUI next week and we feel blessed for the chance to celebrate with him and be with our family in person. We hold life very precious! Thank you for your continued prayers and love.


Kaylinn said...

I had forgotten to ask about the test results! So wonderful to hear of some improvements! :) Can't wait for our family togetherness time during Graduation! Cheers to Dave for giving us a reason to get together, finally! :)

Jennifer Thakkar said...

My thoughts are always with you and your family. Just recently you've popped into mind more and more. Dad told me you updated your blog and I'm glad to hear that things have been moving in a positive direction. Congratulations to David on graduating. Love the picture you posted, dad and uncle Jon look great! You are in my prayers.

Heather Wright said...

It's wonderful to hear about the improvement. I will continue to think about you and pray for you often.



Pat said...

Your blog title says it all! Daily we have to be greatful for small blessings...congrats on Dave's graduation! We were back in Provo last week for Kaity's. And I think our Dave graduated on the 10th but it was overshadowed by his wedding on the 12th.
Love, Pat Nieman

Anonymous said...

We are so encouraged by your blog! We think of you daily and hope everything continues to improve. Dr. Oz (as on Oprah) was just on TV saying the most important organ is the liver. For a healthy liver, he says to eat lots of broccoli, cabbage and cauliflower, drink milk and eat two eggs a day to help get rid of the toxins we take in daily. Love you all! Jo Anne & Randy