Sunday, May 18, 2008


An update on Jon’s condition is overdue and I hope to provide more information for those who look to this site. I’ve spent the last few days assembling a scrapbook of pictures, cards, emails and the notes from this blogspot. Just going over cards and letters of love we have received over the last several months has been such a boost and we are so thankful for our dear friends and family who lift us up.

Jon continues his daily battle with cancer. Here’s the food situation: in the morning he is starving so he eats a very good breakfast, just not a lot. Then he needs to eat a mini-meal every 2 hours or he gets sick to his stomach. IF he goes longer than 2 hours, say 3-4, whatever the next thing he eats usually comes back up immediately. Weird, I know, but something he is trying to deal with. He continues to take copious amounts of supplements, and his diet is very controlled. Absolutely no processed sugar, cane syrup or corn syrup over the last 9 months!! That would be something we should all try. He usually has no appetite (mornings are best) and he’s lost another 5 pounds since last entry. He continues to use the Rife machine about 8 hours a day generating specific frequency waves to attack the tumors. This is done with the electrical current being sent to pads that attach right to the skin and then passes through the liver.

With the pool business, the summer routine is in full swing. The heat doesn’t help either, and it’s been plenty hot the last week. Jon has been putting in full days and he comes home so tired, just no energy left. A young man came home from college, Christian Rojas, and called to see if he could work for Jon cleaning pools. I was glad Jon hired him, and it will be a blessing once he gets trained. Jon will spend his time running the business instead of pushing the pole!

It’s been great to see family and so many friends over the last 6 weeks. David’s graduation in Idaho with all the family, time with friends and family in Utah, and this weekend Tessa’s husband, Cory, will graduate with his Master’s in Business Management. We are thankful for such precious time that has been given to attend these special occasions.

There have been mostly good days, but when there’s a bad day it’s pretty ugly. Jon has an appointment with Dr. Loyd on Friday for more blood tests and recommendations. There could also be a trip back to Mexico to give the blood a good boost since Jon’s energy levels are falling noticeably. At that time he could have more hyperthermia treatments to the liver. One day at a time! There is still no pain medication at all, and that is a miracle by itself. Thank you so much for your thoughts and prayers. We know God hears our prayers and we are doing all we know, and continue to search for answers through guidance from Him who knows all.


Anonymous said...

Jon, It is good to get caught up with all your news. Congratulations to all your newly graduated kids.
We continue our prayers, good thoughts and sending love your way.
Remember we are never more that a call away.
Love you guys!
Linda and Dan

Anonymous said...

Dear Jon,
It was so good to see you at church two weeks ago. We love you both and want you to know you are always in our thoughts and especially in our prayers! You are such an inspiration to us. We know that God is blessing you each day. We admire your courage, faith and perseverance to do one day at a time. Your days have added up to many months!
All our love,
Jo Anne & Randy