Tuesday, January 8, 2008


We had a great holiday in the Seattle area where Tessa, Cory and Macade live. Kaylinn, David and Lesley joined us there, and we were all together for about 10 days, whew! Actually, it was really nice and we enjoyed being together as a family for all 10 days. We played games, ate, took pictures, cooked more food, day trips, played with Macade now 1 year, ate, visited and laughed, watched movies, played more games, went shopping for more food, and ate some more. I mentioned Jon lost 4 pounds while on the cruise. Well, he actually gained 1 pound back over Christmas. Notice Jon is actually sporting quite a nice hairline again!

We took two interesting day trips. One was to see the Seattle underground. When Seattle was first built it was on very low land which caused all kinds of trouble with drainage. After a major fire destroyed most of the city, they built the road up ten feet, built new sidewalks and the tour takes you down to the old street level. Weird.

Another day trip was to the Boeing manufacturing plant in Everett. It was awesome to see a 747 jetliner being assembled in a HUGE warehouse, wing assembly over here, front nose assembly over there, cockpit wiring next, attaching wings and tail fin, carpet and seats, etc. There were massive cranes that picked up the aircraft from one station and moved it to another station for work. When they finally attach the wings and landing gear, they roll it to the next few stations until it finally rolls out the huge doors for painting and test flight. When the plant is in full production, they can put out a jetliner every three days! It was certainly an assembly line on a grand scale!

Now we're back home and working hard to get back on a scheduled routine. One of the part-time men working for Jon has gone back to school so Jon will be picking up a large portion of the route work again. After such a terrible storm, the pools need a lot of attention.

While in Seattle, Jon met with a new doctor named Loyd. His visit with him brought much needed information about what was the root cause of his cancer and how to begin the long trek back to health. Dr. Loyd was not in the least glib about there being many months or years to real health again. Very encouraging! It seems with much testing and diagnosis, there are 607 different things that are blocking and corrupting his immune system from full function. There will be quite a lengthy schedule of supplements taken that are specific to his needs along with radio frequency therapy that will go on for many hours each day. He is more full of hope and encouraged by the many stories of cancer benefit by this method. Not that the visit to Mexico was not worth while for building up his immune system and blood. The visit with Dr. Loyd was a much more hands-on approach and very specific to his needs. Dr. Loyd was found with much research by his Brother Douglas. What a good find. We already had plans to visit the Seattle area and we believe we were inspired to find him in such a timely manner to make a personal visit.

One discovery we have found is that Jon has a sensitivity to wheat. That's why he was always sick to his stomach by the end of the day. Quite a challenge to have very little or no wheat. So I made a trip to Harvest House and checked all the bins more carefully and found corn floor, spelt flour, rye flour, oat flour, potato and barley flour. So now I'll be experimenting and looking for recipes for a good loaf of bread.


Thornock Family said...

I can't believe I'm the only comment . . . I guess we're all just busy living our lives as we should be. But, curiousity got the best of me and I wanted to know how John and Diane were doing, so I checked it out and am glad to see you are carrying on and enjoying yourselves a little along the way. We, too, are doing the same, we enjoyed the holidays and we are all back to our daily responsibilities. I didn't read anything on Trent . . . but heard he's doing well. Tara's having the best year so far at BYUi, which is a blessing. Jade's still enjoying the good times, not taking anything too seriously. Take care . . . Pam Thornock & family

Cory, Tessa and Macade said...

We love hearing the good on Dad. It always reminds me how blessed we truely are. I can not wait to see you all in a few days. I am so excited to be with you and for you to spend time with your grandson. He is so much fun you will really have a great time with him. He is a real hoot, and smart. He really gives us our brain exercises just keeping up with him! We love you guys so much.
Tess, Cory and Macade

Anonymous said...

Jon is a dear, dear friend to me. I have known him since he "was a young pup." I think it was the seventh or eighth grade. Piano playing, song-singing, vibrant lad. His energy is addictive. His spirit is like none other. Good luck and god bless, Jon, you are with us in our prayers. Glad to have spent part of the journey with you, and looking forward to more.


Scarlett said...

Interesting to know.